While many people play important roles at Brook's Bend, these are some whose enterprises are most carefully woven to share the land.

Neill Bovaird, Wolf Tree Programs

Founder and Director of Wolf Tree Programs, teacher of wilderness skills at countless public and private schools including the Four Rivers Charter School in Greenfield, MA; facilitator of Art of Mentoring gatherings for the Vermont Wilderness School since 2002. B.S. in Natural Resource Conservation from UMASS Amherst.

Neill has organized and conducted popular wilderness awareness classes at Brook’s Bend, using mentoring principles to connect young people to the land in a healthy and regenerative way.

Chris Marano, Clearpath Herbals

Chris Marano is a trained clinical herbalist with a health-care practice in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. He is founder of Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine, dedicated to the teaching of holistic health, herbalism, and Earth-based wisdom; and Clearpath Herbals, offering health consultations and high-quality, custom-blended herbal preparations.

In addition to teaching workshops, courses and apprenticeship programs through Clearpath Herbals in both Western Massachusetts and Coastal Maine, Chris also teaches Clinical Herbalism at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Ryan Richards, Little Song Farm

Text and photos in the works.

Allen Miller

Al worked the farm 2003-2010. He fenced the big pasture, logged the forest edge to start the silvopasture, started about 100 mushroom logs, hayed, planted, cultivated and tended. Al cared dearly for the cattle and sheep and could understand what they needed by the way they sounded. He is happy to hand all that to the younger folks and now is one who walks, dreams and communes in the forest and fields.

Al is a published writer, furniture maker and Vietnam veteran and was a speaker for the Veterans’ Education Project for over 25 years. Through VEP and other invitations, Al shares the lessons he learned in war.

Suzanne Webber

As co-owner of the farm with Al, Suzanne carries a vision of Brook's Bend as a place for learning and refuge to sustain diverse communities for generations to come.